Like Struggling Ants

John puts the valve cover gasket on that old Ford F150..then breaks something off doing it.   I’ve had this experience before.  He does not know exactly what the part does either.  Hmm.. looks like the vacuum advance.  Sort of a bulbous part.  The truck runs like shit.  He was cleaning the plugs off, which had been gapped every which a way.

But he got his back, cleaning up houses..he gets filthy at his work.

At first I was scared of him, leery of him.  But he impressed me struggling with that old truck.  He bought the thing for $300.  He made a hoist out of some 2 X 4 and a old tree limb.. working out there.. pitch black outside the man was just filthy.  Didn’t even have a flash light that I could see!  I admire bravery.

The next day: He had that thing towed over here, it was not even running when he bought it.

That reminds me, I am low on flashlights.  A flashlight is a great thing to have.. the BEST.   I like the $5 multi LED lights with the magnet on them, you can get them at Family Dollar.


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