Pablo the Cook

I go to Tacos Altos Jalisco all the time.  Pablo has his Taqueria just up from St. John Market, if you know where that is.  It’s about.. St. John Avenue and maybe.. Monroe.

Love that Pablo’s cooking!  With my tacos today he gives me one of the jalapenos he is making on the grill.   I thought “ho hum, a jalapeno.”   BUT.. grilling that thing really did something for it.  It was scorched on one side and cooked through.

These Taquerias are NOT the same!   He watches the cooking carefully.. times things perfectly.  As a result the meat in the tacos is juicy and not dried out.   That Jalapeno was hot, but it tasted great.

What is it about this guy’s cooking that I like better than anyone’s?  His spices are very simple.. nothing fancy at all.  I do not even think it is Mexicano spice he puts on the meat.  He does not even sell beans or tortilla chips.  When it comes to cooking, the Mexicanos don’t fool around.

I go went back  to the house to eat this lunch.  Then I gossip with the locals about recent events.  Mexico is unsafe?  The USA scares the socks off of me.

Catalytic converter thieves have been ripping off people’s catalytic converters on this street, right in this block.  It is like a horror movie.   WHO.. is the Vampire?  WHO is doing it?


5 thoughts on “Pablo the Cook

  1. Wow that’s sad. Break someone’s way to get high. Did they catch them because I know someone who has a warrant for that. Just wondering if the same.


    • So true, an addict don’t care about the consequences. Life would be so much easier even if just most people had morals and thought about other humans fighting to survive.
      Keep writing, I love your articles.


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