Here are some quotes from Seneca.  How I love philosophy’s sweet milk!  I just ramble on in this blog.  Lucius Annaeus Seneca was a writer,  a stoic philospher, statesmen, and a bunch of other stuff., 

How I love philosophy.  It’s more fun than watching a football game.  I go to Waffle House and a girl is working there, a girl from the bottoms.  She is not one of the hustlers up here in Northeast.  Hard working people, who came from a hard lot.  Their house didn’t even have windows in it, no glass.  Poorer than the people in the trailer park.

Some quotes of Seneca:

  • “We are tormented alike by what is past and what is to come.”
  • “The worse a person is, the less he feels it.”
  • “Away with the world’s opinion of you – it’s always unsettled and divided.”
  • “If desires could ever satisfy us they would have done so by now.”
  • “Think for a long time whether or not you should admit a given person to your friendship.”
  • “Sometimes, even to live is an act of courage.”



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