People get it all the time, and Nobody does Squat

People get it around here all the time, and no one does squat.  It is funny how people like Kayne West get the book thrown at them.. when people here get robbed, mugged, and beaten, and no charges are ever filed.

They also love to rip one another off.  “Put each other together” is a Australian phrase for it.

There is much more crime around here than what the newspapers report.

KC got hit in the arm with a brick yesterday.   I do not know how bad the injury is to her arm.  She wouldn’t go to the hospital, wouldn’t go to the police.  There was a altercation two buildings over with some guy, over some stuff.  Some of these bums and panhandlers get very aggressive, when you won’t give them anything.

Once old Red, one of the prostitutes, got hit in the face with the brick, HARD, and it really messed up her face.

People have other people after them.. threatening them,  even threatening with murder.  No one does, or says shit about it.   People have little faith in the police.

I meet Donna, this skinny red haired older lady, who go mugged across the street earlier this evening.  She is “engaged” to Harris, the guy next door.  Eh- he gets “engaged” twice a week.  I think he has dementia he is a older guy.

Eh she was drunk.   They are always DRUNK when it happens.. or they do it to someone else.  Alcohol is the WORST.  I don’t know if I even believe her, and am so jaded by now, i don’t give a shit.

The guy who punched out some other dude in one of my vids is out there fixing his truck.. a Ford F150 just beat up as it can be.  One front fender crumpled.  Tailgate a different color, rusty.  No hubcaps on the wheels.  He is out there in the dark right now.  Poor guy.   He must work at a tire shop or a salvage yard, which is some nasty, TOUGH work.   It is a hard life for many people.  It seems hard for everybody, actually.

Oh well.  Sonic has their shake special, and at 8 PM I am gonna run up there.  It is some solace,  I guess.


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