The “New” Arthur Bryants sucks

We get some Bryants.  Specifically- the pulled pork sandwich.  While the sandwich was pretty good, the huge portion that Arthur Bryant’s is famous for is no more!  I might as well have gone to Hardees or Sonic.  It’s about the same deal as a fast food joint now.

The food is the same, I like it, but not that much.  Other places have decent sandwiches for a cheaper price.  They have taken away the feature that most made them famous- big portions of food.

The packaging has changed also.    It used to come just rolled up in a big piece of brown butcher paper.  Now it comes in a box.

The Fries were about the same portion as McDonalds large fries, for instance.  The pork was pretty good, but just enough for one sandwich, and this is not the “Bryant way.”

I am not going back again.  $11 bucks my brother paid for that thing! Bah.


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