The Checkered Lives of People

The lives of most men are a mixture of good and bad, here a sin, there a good deed.  I love listening to James Allen’s lectures, they help me a lot.  Every day there is a choice, and it is that way in everyone’s life.

Life is very checkered, even in one day.   A close call,  a threat of violence, then something pleasing and delightful.   Decision faces us all the time.

Sonic has Shakes and other goodies for 1/2 price after midnight.  You get a nice sized shake with whipped cream and a cherry for $1.64 and that ain’t half bad.   Me, Bambi, my Brother and KC load up on them.

Poor Fred in the hospital today,  and has been there for a week.  He has not had a easy life.  Much he brought on himself, but don’t we all?   Some, he got handed to him, like when they ripped his car off.   How I love James Allen’s book,  “As a Man Thinketh, so is He.”   I am always reading these books about how you can shape your life.   Like winning the Powerball oh BOY!

Craig-O is out there on the front stoop.  His surgery due tomorrow and he wants to get as much action in as he can,  he wants to live it up the poor man.   How it SUCKS being a nobody!


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