Over and Over I ask.. is the USA the best?

Is it better in other countries?  Other than the USA, I mean?  I keep studying Wandering Earl’s blog, and the forums and blogs of the Expats and nomads.  I liked Mexico when I went to the Dentist down there.  They treated me very well.  I was scared, though.  Afraid of the place.

I love Mexican food.. I know that much!  I ate at Taco Altos Jalisco today like usual.  The man is right on time.  The meat cooked just right, fresh and good.  There were good places in Los Algodones, but mostly I just hung out at the hotel.  My teeth were being worked on too, so I could only eat the softest food.

I loved the differences in Mexico, the little different things.  Their culture was laid back down there.  It felt so- exotic.

Mexico has the finest beaches in the world.  Mexico arguably has the best food.  These dudes around here sure know how to cook! Thailand has great beaches (with no sand fleas).  Mexico is filled with wonderful geography.  I dream of how life might be different.  Not exotic action, but more healthy and peaceful.  More laid back, and more gentle.  With fun, healthy and wholesome activities.

The USA seems kind of.. hysterical.  It is like this soap opera.  Here is my favorite Suzanne Ciani song, which is like a soap opera theme.


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