God Sees each Sparrow that falls

There isn’t any truth in the world of human beings, not really.  Let’s just say people are tainted, and see the world through their own perceptions, which come from.. wherever.  It just works out, however it works out.  To the satisfaction of some, and to the chagrin of others.

He sees Craig-O,  that sweet Bambi Joe.. the prostitutes getting the shit beat of them, and the unsung talents of people.  I’d rather watch Old Dale at St. John Brake and Muffler solve another problem than watch the fuckin’ Chiefs, or the whole NFL for that matter.

However, when the Chiefs get a sack,  there is a free Big Mac if you buy one, so I am rooting for them all the way!  GO CHIEFS.. and get me a Big Mac sandwich.

He saw Margaret downstairs, struggling and struggling with the social security bureaucracy.   She waited and waited for her disability claim, then when she got it she only lived a few more weeks.

Unsung, people drop in their tracks, and will drop in their tracks all over the world this day.

I am praying now, thinking, of a nice ripe cantaloupe like the one I had today.  From Abbarotes Mi Familia, yes and I will listen to my favorite bachatas.

It really isn’t half bad, as long as you avoid the big pitfalls.   BUT..there are land mines everywhere, each day.


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