I talk about recent events with Craig, who is on Social Security.  Craig is very ill, with cancer in his intestine and other organs.   The poor fellow sports a colostomy bag.  He got robbed when I first met him.  Me and Bambi and Fred gave him some food.

I like Craig, although he annoys the women, wanting to get laid.  He faces surgery where his male organs are going to be removed entirely, according to him.   He keeps postponing the surgery,  can you blame him?

Half of these people are sicker than dogs,  when they are not sick, they are trying to be happy SOME way, and that usually involves drugs, or these girls out here.  Many of the girls are thieves rather than prostitutes, and will roll men- rip them off.   Each case is different.

The women have a drug monkey on their back, and often have like these  ‘boyfriends’.  Translation- Pimp.  Some of them have gotten out of prison and gotten straight, but the game is always there, and they are invited back into it all the time.  At least,  the good looking ones are.

One of ’em rolled Craig, or so he says.  Now he’s pursuing them again, poor guy.  Jeez.  He’s boozing it up too.. getting just rolling drunk.   He fell down,  cut his forehead badly.   Had to have it stitched up.  There is a fresh scar on his forehead where he fell down.  He was drunk and passed out.  What to do or say to comfort him I do not know!  I am at a loss, considering what he is facing.   It is like this horror movie around here.   With them girls- he ain’t missin’ anything.  I’d rather have a nice cantaloupe, myself.  They were cheap today at the Mexican grocer.


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