St. John Brake and Muffler

Went for a pickup truck inspection.. then had plug wires put in my BMW.   That Dale just bends over backwards he is so wonderful!  Really a “people” guy and he is on the phone getting the best deals he can on the parts what a good MAN.  Dale will call all over to get the best price, and even call junkyards for you.  The dang plug wires are $187 for this particular year of BMW.  Then, #2 plug had oil on it.

I was scared.  It is a $1200 car, but ran good until the past few days.   Dale is great, very casual, very cheerful, with lots of energy.  He really puts in a days work just talking with the customers he is so great.  I was struggling getting the wires on, the wire harness, and he came out and helped me, doing most of it, for free.  He knows I’m broke, was that kind or what?   V & N was downright snotty on the last job they did for me, which was a fuel filter.

He listens to and even gets enthusiastic with people, who are bringing every shape, size, make, and style of car in there,  with strange problems.   He really works with you.

They are the best in Northeast.  I also got good deals from Enrique LaChispa.  I have gone to a couple of BAD mechanics though.  One mechanic really jacked up one of my old cars..Enrique fixed it,  going to the junk yard and getting a whole new front spindle,  charged me $150.

St John Brake & Muffler

(816) 231-5055 5000 Saint John Ave, Kansas City, MO 64123


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