I Discover Bachata

At the Abarrotes Mi Familia, I kept hearing these latino songs, specific ones I liked.  I don’t like Salsa, or or the fast ones, whatever those are.. but I LOVED certain songs that I was hearing.  I kept asking the clerks what the songs were, but they shrugged, they did not know.

Then one clerk told me, “that is called Bachata.”

So I looked it up.. now I listen to the “Bachata” internet radio stations.  This music is from the Dominican Republic.   Here is the link to Bachata on the great WikiPedia, which gives a far better explanation that I can give.

Most of these are by Adventura.  This does not mean they are the only people making this music.  My favorite so far is ‘El Perdedor’.  I just like the way they sing.   Here are some of their songs on YouTube.

The Last three are my favorites now.. La Bella Y Labestia, and Llevame Contigo.

The common thing to these songs is the beat, they are very romantic and sad.  They are beautiful, really.  I do not even know what the words mean, but it’s very moving.

These beautiful songs blow me away, and a add a emotional dimension as I examine my life and the life around me.

There are some Argentine songs, a genre, that I like, but I do not know what they are called.  It is different than the usual.. “Mexican” songs.   Everyone lumps all the music into one genre, but they are from all over.. WONDERFUL.

The American music scene is pathetic, stagnant, and even- gross.


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