MORE fights

I go to the McDonalds to get a “happy” meal.  Some burgers for me and my brother.  I stop at 7-11 (Benton & Indep Ave.)  to get a couple 2 litres of coke.  One woman gets in a argument with the clerk.  It escalates to yelling, and she is told to leave the store.  This infuriates her even more.   She throws the items she was gonna buy at the clerk, grabs a bunch of magazines and throws them around, then gets into it with a lady customer.  “ want to do somethin’.. HUH?

The cops get called on that one.. but there are no plates on the car.  It all started when the clerk was impatient with a young woman who could not figure out her EBT card, but her companion decided to escalate instead of letting it pass.

That’s another crummy idea:  “teaching people a lesson.”  *Groan**.. that and “they deserved it.”

So.. I get my 2 litres and head down the avenue to the McDonalds (Hardesty).  On  the way, at Aaron Rents or whatever that rental place is, a guy is on his butt in the street.  At the Mcdonalds, in the patio another screaming match is going on.  Probably DRUNK.  That stuff is the worst for fights.. DRUNKS .. ugg.

On the way back, the fire trucks and cops are there with the guy in the street.


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