Another Punch Out

Another Punch out in front.  Man who needs HBO?  The punchee was drunker than a skunk.  Got bloodied up pretty good.  I was surprised, though.  Bystanders came over and looked after him, and I called the cops.

The drunken fool started smarting off to the cops, even cursing them.  He got blood on one of the cops, which pissed the cop off.  This man was incredibly drunk.  He kind of asked for it, as one of the cops surmised.

You have to show the police courtesy, they are only human.  No one even WANTS for the judicial system to work.  They are too lazy.  The facts get quite twisted also.  It is amazing at how people will look at a event, then come up with all sorts of conclusion.  Also- people will not press charges, and act all crazy while the cops and paramedics try to help them.

Oh well, they “deserved it.”  The evil that lurks in people’s heart is always ready to spring forth.

No matter what you say or do, someone is gonna argue with you.   People do not have the energy to deal with random acts of crime.  They are too busy with their own struggles, which are often staggering.


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