Is it better in other countries?

My favorite blog is Wandering Earl.  I do not even need to post the URL, you will find his blog. He travels light, and he travels the world over staying in hostels, working on cruise ships.

My time in Mexico- well there were kind of hustlers down there, but we have the same in the USA, and in large numbers!   My neighbor, an old veteran who is frail, just got ripped off for his meds (some kind of sleeping aid) and $50.

There is a big population of meth heads, prostitutes, crack heads, etc..who have been operating for as long as I can remember.  There was a screaming match going on down by the 7-11 a few minutes ago.  They fight among themselves all the time, then make up, then fight again.

Sometimes, you can get some work from them, but they like to rip you off! There is almost no one that I trust around here, and that is a sad thing to say.  Last night I was thinking..”I do not have ONE friend on this earth.”  You cannot take them in, but there are a few that I trust.  My doctor at the V.A. and the nurses,  I like them.

I have nightmares at night about this place.. about someone forcing their way in.


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