Roaming Crackheads/Methheads Etc.. at night

In this short little video from my cams a crackhead rips off my IR light source.  Called the cops, who called the Ambulance ‘cos the guy was Meth’d out on Meth.  Or crack.  Or booze.  Or that other stuff, embalming fluid.

TYPICAL Northeast!

Street drug addicts lead dangerous lives.  The people in the houses hate them, the other street people hate them.. they fight among themselves, and it is often quite vicious.

It was probably methamphetamine.  It is very popular, and people inject that stuff.

Who KNOWS why people do things?  WHY..they are what they are, and are where they are.

The thing is.. Northeast COULD be a nice little place.  Ate least in the Mexican food dept. LOL.  LOVE IT.


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