Northeast would be great- but for the Thugs

Northeast would be great- except for the thugs in it.  Drunkards.  People with hate issues.  Jealousy.   Apartment complex thugs,  and of course… DRUGS.  They all talk about one another like dogs,  but smoke crack themselves and rip each other off.   It is BIG in every building, on every street (it seems like).

The cursed drugs really upset the balance of things.  Money that should be for food and shelter, are diverted.

Even at the peaceful Taco Alto Jalisco there was a fight outside.  I asked the cook in my crummy, pidgen, Spanish if it was better in Mexico,  he communicated it was not, as he gestured like a dude with a machine gun.

I talked to a Mayan woman, who is from Palenque, which is a spectacular place in Mexico..and she said it was violent down there.  She said, as we communicated in sort of pidgen Spanish/English, that “people they shoot you, and no one cares, they walk on by.”

Where I live, I can walk across the street to a small grocer,  up the street is another one, Snyder’s.  Family dollar, CVS pharmacy all in easy walking distance.  The bus system is crummy,  but you can go down Independence Avenue and get to GenX for clothes, Price Chopper,  Mi Mercado foods, Aldi, 2 Subways, a McDonald’s, a KFC, a Church’s, gas stations, a Pizza Hut.  All in a strip about 2 miles long.  Plus 22 Taquerias.

There is even that cute, upbeat Farmer’s Market,  you can get there easily on the bus.

This place should be great,  except for the THUGS that live around here!  I find the fights intimidating and depressing as all get out.


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