Taco Alto Jalisco Burrito

I love this dude.   Love the “one man” operation.   He has his cute little kids playing over in the next room.  All day, all night he is cookin’ at his little Taqueria on St. John.

Had his burrito tonight for $4 and it blows away Taco bell, and most other joints.   That devil was GOOD.  It was just carne asada (steak).  He cooks it up fresh, even cutting the meat from a big piece of beef right on the spot.  His cooking is very simple, but it sure turns out good!  I eat there again and again.  He speaks only passable English, muy poco.. but hey,  I speak poco Spanish and it is very bad.

Tonight I was trying to say to him.. “I have never had a Torta.”   Couldn’t figure out how to communicate it, I will go on Google Translator and learn how to say that.

I am gonna get that burrito tomorrow, it is only $4 and I am indulging myself.  I am still shook up because Fred hit that woman with the baseball bat.  “She deserved it”….that is bullshit.


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