Small Claims court in Northeast- A baseball bat

MONEY.. is what most of the people in Northeast fight over.  Most people do not know how to use the judicial system,  and it’s slow moving sloth does not appeal to them.

This being the case,  they love to beat on each other,  shoot each other, and stab one another.

But hey- no one’s arguing with them!  The government bureaucracy is more concerned with procedure than anything else!  I do not trust Judge Judy.  Don’t trust Barack Obama.  Didn’t trust George Bush.

All people care about is themselves.  That’s all they want.. so why are people surprised?  I guess I am guilty.  I am still surprised when “stuff happens.”

Whitey Bulger got nailed- FINALLY.  The dude was 84 years old, which is a riper age than most people live to.


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