Mi Mercado replaces Apple Market

The Apple Market got replaced by a Latino-oriented store, called Mi Mercado.  I went down and scouted it out, and today I ate at the Taqueria they have inside.

Man.. THUMBS UP!  At first I was turned off by the food that is in the steam table,  I prefer it fresh. Today,  Sunday,  I went down to get a burrito.  The shredded beef I had seen earlier was tempting.

I went down there.  A guy was outside making Pollo Asado.  It looked good, but was not done yet.  So I went inside and tried a Chiles Relleno plate.  YUM YUMMMy!!  Even though on the steam table,  they make Chiles Relleno by the method I prefer.  They roll it in batter looks like it is just scrambled eggs, then fry it.  The salsas were great, I tried two types, and they have more.  I had Frijoles Charros, which were very good, despite the steam table (they were warm, not hot).

The Taqueria in Mi Mercado seems nearly as good as anywhere in Northeast,  the only problem is freshness, but it is very good.

The price was very low.  The Chiles Relleno plate was $5. 97.   The Pollo Asado, get this..a WHOLE chicken grilled on the BBQ grill is $5.  The Salsa makes or breaks the Pollo Asado, and it is very good.  Holy COW!

Inside, they have a butcher shop type meat department, with glass cases.  They have almost all, if not all,  of the same American food products.  It is very cheap,  the same prices or lower than the old Apple Market.   Man I just LOVE it.

That is, if I can survive Northeast without getting conked in the head.

Update:  Went back up at 19:00 to get the pollo asado.. they’d sold out of it.


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