Every Day Violence in Northeast

People in Northeast will kill you over $20.  Yep.  a woman gets smacked in the head with a ball bat in broad daylight as she walks out the building.. she runs off.. it is getting worse and worse around here.  Here’s another video shot from my cams.

This beef was over $40.  Over drugs, I would wager.   Eh.. he claimed she ripped him off.  There’s people walking around who have injured others badly, lifetime injuries, and even killed them and they didn’t get squat for prison time.

Why, oh why, do people act like they are SURPRISED.?  Like it is something surprising when they find people chained up in abandoned houses.. corpses all over the place etc?  The cops don’t do shit.. they don’t do diddily squat!

The Landlord won’t even evict, saying the video “isn’t convincing.”  Everybody lies, and I mean EVERYBODY.  He didn’t “see” the ball bat hit the woman. 

You have to get murdered or robbed in the “prescribed manner” or it doesn’t count!  They just ignore it.  AND it is all “fair” it is all “good”.

The perpetrator is heavily favored in the USA.  The cops sit there with their computers, schedules, and plans.  But things happen when they WANT to, not according to computer estimates.

The woman has to file charges or the cops will do nothing.  It is appalling.  She had a huge goose egg behind her ear,  she is wandering the street somewhere.  She is homeless, and sleeps behind the church steps sometimes.  She has had her ass beat many times.  I have seen it before when these girls wind up dead.   They are not “innocent” but the misery they suffer is appalling.  No one around here has any faith in the police.  They do not have faith in ANYTHING.

So they will find the body, then the cops will go.. “by our brilliance we have solved the crime!”   Most of the girls that finally wind up dead have been getting the shit kicked out of them for years.  The USA is like a ongoing crime.   Everybody lies, and I mean everybody.


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