The Scourge of Diabetes

Diabetes is a scourge around here.  Margaret,  the woman downstairs just died in her sleep a few days ago.  Sue, one apartment down was taken off to the hospital because she either took too much, or too little insulin.

People around here are ALWAYS sick, and it is not just some imaginary “flu”.

When they are not sick, they are fighting.  One new guy moves in, he’s really a cassanova, and has got these dudes riled up around here.  “He thinks he’s hot shit.” – Fred.

People are crazy.  They are just as crazy as the reality shows,  Jerry Springer, and everything else.  It is usually the vices that get people into trouble.

Everyone is surprised that Margaret was the one to die.  Bambi’s diabetes is much worse,  so is Sue’s.   They have the Type I diabetes, where they must take insulin.  Margaret had Type II.


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