My Cup It Runneth Over

FotoSketcher - F150 Front PassengerDespite all the fear.. despite all the apphrension and annoyance.  My cup it runneth over!

These days are far better than the old days.

Surviving the ages 17-30 is the hard part.  This is when men are the stupidest, and the most impulsive.

Well it is slightly difficult now.  I got this far.  If the USA is peaceful- then I’d hate to see Colombia or Afghanistan or wherever.  Violence is always an option here.  And that old excuse.. “well he deserved it!” is still in style.

I found out Snyder’s (a small to medium grocer 2 blocks up the street) got broke into and they stole the ATM, and a bunch of other stuff.  I heard this, didn’t see it on the news.

It is “normal” then something jinky will happen.  Boy people like to fight.  They will fight over just about anything..which end of an egg to break open.

Poor Margaret’s funeral is coming up.


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