The “O.G.” Attitude of Northeast

Shooting BellfountaineThere was a police cordon a block up from me, I just found out what it was today.  This happened about 2 days ago.  It was Monday night,  I think.

Some poor woman got beaten, very severely.   This was over on Bellefontaine.  Old Fred says: “well maybe she deserved it.”

This is the “O.G.” attitude (old gangster), and it permeates this ‘hood, because the wretches in it have no faith in the judicial system.   It’s a movement for these punks.   They have swallowed “I am a soldier” hook, line, and sinker.  Losers who can assert themselves in life in no other way- but primitive violence.

Myself I am against violence, unless it is self defense.  I have gotten angry with a woman- that is for sure, but not to that point.  I do not think women are always nice, that is for sure.  But don’t beat on ’em.  When I meet up with the mean ones I just avoid them.  Lord- people are dangerous.  Good manners and civility are the best self defense.

A strange night was this one.  At about 9:30PM,  Margaret, the 60 year old wife of the poor groundskeeper died in her sleep.  These people live right below me.  She had just gotten her Social Security disability also, and that was a rotten stroke of luck for these people.  It was most likely a diabetic coma, which has happened to her before.


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