Taco Altos Jalisco on St. John by St. John Market

Tacos Asada from Taco Jalisco in Northeast.

Tacos Asada from Taco Jalisco in Northeast.

 I decided to try Taco Altos Jalisco today.  This place is down by St. John Market, just a couple doors up the street.  The place only serves Tacos, Tortas, Quesadillas, and Burritos.  No beans, no rice.

The cook makes ’em up fresh right on the spot.   He is a one man show, doing everything himself.  There are no pans of cooked meat laying around.  The photo says it all! Nice, fat and juicy.  He offered lettuce and tomatoes, but this is for the gringo LOL.

I told him “tacos Mexicano” and he smiled.  I am always inflicting my bad Spanish on the local Latinos.  The have Guatemalans, Hondurans, American Mexicanos who were born right in the USA.  There are also Cubans living around here.  I like them all pretty much.  Never had no hassle with them at all.

One customer there, a gringo told me..”you are gonna like these.”   He was right.  he cooked the Asada meat right there, and the tacos were very generous with double corn tortillas that he made just right.  When I ate them they were very soft.  $1.50 each, but they are the fat ones.  He used yellow corn tortillas.  Gonna try the burritos later.  He sells Tortas like most of the places do.   Funny thing,  I’ve never had a Torta.  This is of course, a sandwich, but I have never had one.

Update:  I went back there again today and got three more.. the man’s a good cook!

I like Altos Jalisco better than the other ones– but they are 50 cents more per taco,  you get what you pay for.

I ate earlier this week at Charrito’s.  I had ordered some crispy tacos, but was disappointed.  They used to make their own shells.  These shells were very thin and very irregular in shape- and very good.  Now they use the plain old shells you can get in the grocery, like Taco Bell shells.  I got some Americano style tacos, with lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes.  Well- they were better than Taco Bell, but that’s about it.    In all fairness, I will go back in a while and try some of their Mexicano style tacos.


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