Taquerias in Northeast

I am going to post some photos and a map of Taquerias in Northeast.. stay tuned.  I went to a small unnamed Taqueria today.  it is located at Hardesty and about 12th street,  just before Truman Road.  They have a $1.00 taco sale Tuesdays and Wednsdays.  I didn’t expect much but they were very good.  The meat was fresh and very tasty, and the tortilla very soft, as if they had steamed it.  Whatever the style, I liked it!  There are about 22 Taquerias/Mexican Restaurants in Northeast.  I am talking along St. John,  Independence Ave,  9th Street and 12th street.   There are some more on Truman road too.

This one was a nice discovery.   At Hardesty and 12th or 13th street.   I don’t know the name, but it is in a converted C-store.  They have a small cafe inside, it’s very good.  Love it.  I love Mexican food, it is the best I think.   I think the Mexicans know at least one thing well- how to cook!  I like Mexican things, and think their culture quite charming.

The restaurants are NOT all the same.  I like to go to Taco Leone for breakfast.  I like the beans the best at Flor De Chiapas.  Little details make one place stand out.  I did not try the beans here, they were $1.99.  I am gonna keep working on this, and make a better article with a map,  even if it is just a Google map.  Lots of the Taquerias have “$1” days with tacos for $1.  These were the best and I enjoyed them- a lot!

Small Taqueria..with excellent Tacos Mexicano style.

Small Taqueria..with excellent Tacos Mexicano style.


3 thoughts on “Taquerias in Northeast

  1. It’s not in the northeast, but have you been to El Camino Real in KCK? They spit roast the pork with a pineapple on top. Get the Tacos al pastor. They’re like $1 on wednesdays I think. $1.50 every other day. AMAZING pork tacos with a little sliver of grilled pineapple on top. Ugh, I’m hungry. Can’t wait to see your closer suggestions.


  2. I want to try the El Camino Real. It sounds really good. These places are not the same. The Mexicanos I talk with, the cooks shrug and say they are all the same. They are not the same at all. It is the attention to detail that makes one place better than the other. Example: El Pollo Loco in California.


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