Thank God for the Churches and Church workers

I take KC down to the Church, where they are giving away turkeys.   She’s all beat up and her skin is ravaged from Lupus.  KC is all excited because they are giving the whole frozen turkeys away,  unusual for this time of the year.  At least ONE place on earth free from the drama of human beings!

Why do people fight so much?  I guess they NEED drama.  Everyone is excited by it.  Everyone will go out of their way to see a fight.    KC’s skin has blotches all over it, in her apartment she shows me where her “friend” slammed her against the French doors.

Now her “friend” might be in for some drama!  FOR ONCE.. the KCPD caught  the guy.  It is easy for such people to hide in Northeast.  Now he’s in the jail with $30,000 cash bond.  It is not his first time, not the first time he has done this.  He has a 3 page record on Vinelink.  Stalking, domestic violence.  It’s called pimping.. and I see it all the time.

They get in jail for a while, then they get out.  This dude had not reported to his Parole/Probation officer for a long time, and was lurking in Northeast.  TYPICAL.

So… thank GOD for the Churches!  Thank GOD for them!


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