Kansas City Bus Driver beaten, then Stabbed

A Kansas City Bus driver gets beaten, then stabbed.

This happened about 20 blocks from my crib.   The second assault in a week.    Two dudes beat the crap out of the driver, then stab the daylights out of him.

Note the blade the guy is using.  This is called a Karambit knife.

This is a curved knife designed to slash long, very deep wounds in flesh.   This is a martial arts knife, a fighting knife.   The man is lucky to have survived.  This is why I am in support of “Stand Your Ground” laws.  It is horrible that such things happen in this world,  that they happen at all!  But they do.

I wish there was a “This didn’t have to happen in the first place.” law.  Geez what gets into people?

The Devil, he seems to be everywhere!


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