That Sweet Bambi Joe

I decided to put a photo of her up,  since I mention her in this blog a lot.  She is the bright spot, and she don’t even know it.  Her honesty and lack of guile is amazing in this ‘hood.  I was just thinking of how the girls that I sometimes have up here like to rip off things- especially pain medications.  People in the ‘hood are always doing this to one another.

KC, who I mentioned in a post just previously,  went over to Tall Deb’s for solace after she got beat up and out of the hospital. Guess what happened to KC’S pain meds?  Tall Deb gulped some of them, then stole the rest.

I always add “Joe” to the end of Fred and Bambi.. as in “Petticoat Junction” but they probably don’t get the joke.  They do not seem to mind.  One wonderful woman is Bambi,  God bless her.

The Sweet Bambi Joe.

The Sweet Bambi Joe.


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