Violence? What Violence?

Domestic violence out front.

This video action ain’t so bad..but this is just what I caught on tape.  The dude smacks this woman around all the time.  This isn’t what pimps do, it is NOT pimp, but domestic.  Happens all the time.

At the church across the street where they give a free meal on Mondays, there was a big fight that started inside.  Ay chihuahua!   Craig is gloating.. “boy he really beat that dude’s ass.”

HERE.. is what “pimp” looks like:

kc black eye1_320x240

KC 6/2011



2 thoughts on “Violence? What Violence?

  1. The link doesn’t work for anyone but you, it takes you to the video uploads page of each persons account. You need to go to the video and use the link given to you when you click ‘share’.


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