Ongoing, constant Violence

KC’s “boyfriend” smacks her around again.  Eh, that dude just leeches off of her, to avoid being homeless.  It’s the same with Mr. and Ms. Drunkard upstairs.   They get drunker than a skunk,  then she boots him out.   Then,  lets him in and a big fight will ensue.   He’s trying to turn her out, but they were not successful.  Well, maybe not.  They get drunk and stagger around where the prostitutes and dope heads hang out.   KC can’t go out and hustle  anymore, she is too sick, too beat up to make any money.   THAT is the reality of this ‘hood!

The photo does not make the injury apparent.  Her shoulder bone is broken, and there is a separation.  The stitches behind her ear and above her eye have been taken out.  Her hip’s bruised badly.  She blacked out when it happened when her “boyfriend” shoved her.  Says Bambi, “He’s gonna kill her.”  Bambi,  she has the “ghetto” wisdom.  She has seen this, and much more in her life.  Bambi says, “I gets feelins.”

KC's Medical Instruction

KC’s Medical Instruction

I do not even know WHY I write this blog.  It doesn’t “get me” anywhere.  I guess it is because someone, somewhere, observed these people’s lives,  and the events in them.   Or, I just love to write.  Or, I bought this damn computer, and by golly, I am going to get my money’s worth!

How I wish I had something else to write about!  I dream of seeing places like Chetumal,  Tulum,  and Puerto Penasco in Mexico!  Or, go to India or Thailand.  My money would go further there.  I even liked Los Algodones, where I got my teeth fixed.  It was great.  Some place far away from here.  Maybe I was just not down there long enough.  Probably the same as up here.   Bad events-  seems like they always involves drinking and/or drugs.

KC gets smacked around again.

KC gets smacked around again.


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