It really Ain’t Too Bad

All in all, it ain’t too bad at all. I am tired of the news media trying to tell me what to think!  Now it is the Trayvon Marten case.  A man has got a right to defend himself, that is my final word.  It should have never happened, but so much stuff happens, that should never happen, it is the same throughout human history.  Since the verdict, there have been several more murders in Kansas City.  People are ALWAYS doing it to one another!

Local crime goes on without skipping a beat, even as this matter is being settled.

We had just such a case out front, where a (drunk) white dude was punching out a black man, in a argument over the black guy’s stupid dogs.   The black guy cut the white guy,  injuring him badly.  What was the outcome.. SELF DEFENSE.  Never went to trial.  No one was even arrested.  The white dude is paralyzed on one side.   The thing is.. it NEVER should have happened!

In some places in the world,  children do not make it to age 5,  yet people will fight to the death over some skittles, or a dog.

Backbiting families,  grudges held for years.   People abuse themselves, and one another without letup.

I pity myself a lot, but boy, I would not want to be in a lot of people’s shoes!


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