Review: Apple Market $1 Instant Scalloped Potatoes

The brand is ‘Idahoan Supreme’.  These are $1 instant scalloped potatoes.  They also have the Au Gratin Type, which I might review later. They come in a plastic pouch, not a box.

I decided to try some of these, for $1, I didn’t expect much.  I used the ‘stove top’ method, they did not give instructions for a microwave meal.

I cooked them according to directions, simply dumping the packet into a sauce pan, and adding 2 cups water, 1/2 cup milk and some butter which I had forgotten and added as it cooled off.

Bring to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes. Make sure you stir every few minutes, scraping the bottom of the pan or they will stick to the pan.

Very good!  I will get some more of these to have on hand.  Very fast, and very cheap, and they taste really good.

I’ll give them 4.5 stars, since I have no boxed brands to compare them with.  They are pretty decent!  You will not be sorry.  NO..they are not nearly as good as home made scalloped potatoes- but none of the boxed potatoes compare to home made.  What a good side dish.  Made them with broiled pork chops that were on sale for a nice fast meal. 

My brother and I are big dudes, that love potatoes, and this one package satisfied us both.

Muy bien! I am digesting this meal now oh how those spuds stick to your ribs! With the on sale pork chops that meal cost me about $3.25, including a coke, including a coffee afterwards.

Made the chops with this bomb seasoning from Tikka House down at Farmer’s Market, it’s Garlic Herb and it is great on chops. It’s quite thrifty too, $1 per scoop of it. MUCH better than my standard garlic powder and pepper seasoning.

I love the Tikka House spices, and they are a bargain compared to the store. Very fresh, she is very creative. They are GOOD! That Garlic Herb really woke the pork chops up nicely.

Update: Tried the Au Gratin with the same tasty results! Not too salty like many boxed AuGratin potatoes. Nice big portions for two.


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