Neandertals of Northeast

I am talking with one dude, one I will call “X” out front.  He’s a real scavanger, likes to pick up stuff around here.

He says: “you know, one time I found a big bottle (about a 8 oz bottle from his gesture) of that embalmin’ fluid. ”

He says: “you know, this one dude gave me $300 for that shit.”

Me: “you kidding?”…then.. “I can’t believe people will take that shit.”

He says: “me neither, but the dude said it was some good shit.  He sold it to someone else, said it was TOO good.”

They call that stuff “wet” around here.  People will take it and put it on a cigarette, or reefer.  Blows their brains right out.

Man.. the Neandertals wouldn’t take that stuff.   That is Northeast!  It is hot as blazes outside now, at least, relatively speaking.  Got my car on my TVee cams..


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