Punks Jack with the cars out front AGAIN

Last night punks beat the rear window glass out of my neighbor’s car.  Just be doing it, I suppose.  Sheesh. It keeps happening in areas not on my security cams.

It is annoying, to say the least.  These people can’t afford to lose a car.  It is HARD in the USA.  Social Security?  You will wait for YEARS for a hearing.  Thanks to the Republicans.  Some lose their jobs because they don’t have a car anymore.

The USA is Rich Vs Poor.  So who would fight a war to protect it?  I mean, these people are just these SHITS who will take advantage of one another however they can.  I am not proud of military service.  It was just something I did.  A job in a corporation.  It was emotionless as eating a box of corn flakes with no milk or sugar.  Back when I was in,  it was a very unpopular thing to do.  PITY!  I would have stayed in.   It would have been a wise move, but there was social stigma to being in the miltary back then.



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