A Great tool to Fix Your Car- The Net

I have had great luck diagnosing and fixing my cars with advice from the internet forums, and YouTube.  I fixed my old Volvo D240L with advice from the forums.  Showed me exactly what was wrong, and it only cost a few dollars.

Hope I can do the same with this car!  It wasn’t the relay nor the fuel pump- cos the car started this morning.  I think it is the humble fuel filter.  It runs, has power, but it misses and is has a ratty idle.

I’ll have to pay to have it done because of my shoulder, but at least I have it narrowed down.   It STILL could be another problem, but the forums are just great as people help other people solve their automotive problems.

It’s hard to find a decent mechanic . I love the internet ratings guide, where people give their opinions.  This is very valuable to others.  If you have a good experience- post it.  Not so good?  Post that too.  I always rate them  A lot of these mechanics around here are full of shit, or are downright crooks.  An example was the Ford F150 transmission problem I had.  It finally just went away!  It was the shift forks, or shifter, which often is just worn out on these old trucks.  These guys around here were trying to get $650- $1000 out of me to fix it.  I got the shift kit, but never did install it.  It was about $35.

Wish Social problems were just as easy.   Social problems are terrible, with everyone expecting others to be a reflection of themselves.  Many people are wandering around homeless.  I let one person come in and cool off, but will not let them spend the night.  Sorry.  Good way to get killed, or sued.  I have had my hand bit many times.


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