115 North Drury, Kansas City, MO.  The latest homicide occurred last night.. UGGG!  Scares the pants off of me!  It is right near Budd Park, where I go swimming, but man I do not go around Budd Park at night!  There was a execution style homicide in front of Budd Park a few months ago.

This one happened a few weeks ago..9 people shot.  This was 10 blocks from my crib.

Violence is shocking people world wide.  They ought to have a State Department Travel Warning about Kansas City.

Do I even like writing this blog? Hmm.. I like to write.   The thing is, this place could be nice!  Plenty of food.  It’s man’s pride and arrogance that make this world a dreadful place.  Pride is the most over valued “virtue” there is.


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