The Fights out Front

Action starts at about 23:01.  Watch the big dude in the white.  TYPICAL Northeast action.  Eleven people crammed into a 1 bedroom apartment- well the volcano is always about to blow.

This is one of the mild altercations, however.  Typical day in the ‘hood.

Upstairs, Mr. and Mrs. Drunkard are screaming again.  He must have nailed her good, I went outside and heard her shriek.

I don’t know whether to have a blog or not!  All people want to do is FIGHT..and argue argue argue.

Instead of a more peaceful society with the Internet, it is a more splintered and divided one.

Update:  Old Fred says, “they was just playin.” Oh well..that is how it goes.  I do NOT go out at night in this ‘hood.


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