Auto Thieves Strike again Out Front

Someone rips off Wayne’s PT cruiser last night.  People are really upset.  These poor people cannot replace a car!  I think he might have got it back.

There is not a real SMILE in NOrtheast!  Everyone is out to get everyone else.  The homeless will sometimes try to jump in front of your car, for the insurance.  Assuming you HAVE insurance.  Many people let it lapse.

There have been many serious crimes- shootings and murders in the past two weeks.

Last night I dreamed I hit someone’s car with my bicycle, scratching it.  Then, they were chasing me all over Northeast gonna hunt me down!

There are often such incidents.  Vigilante style justice.  “They ripped off my drugs justice.”  I’ll bet that is what half  the violence is.  The last thing that happened around here, was in a argument over a guy’s dogs that wouldn’t stop barking.  My brother even has had people, really sick people he is taking to dialysis, duke it out on the bus!

I see shoving matches up at A.J.’s bar.. arguments in the parking lot at the Apple Market.  This place SUCKS in other words.

Update:  Wayne gets back his PT Cruiser, in a stroke o’ luck.

Update 2: Whup.  That wasn’t Wayne’s PT cruiser stolen.. it was some other dude’s car that got stole.   I guess I can relax.. I GUESS.


One thought on “Auto Thieves Strike again Out Front

  1. Dweddle, I subscribe to your blog and have enjoyed your writing with much interest and empathy. I live in far east Independence at the moment, but grew up in Lee’s Summit, and in-between have lived all over the country. Could you give me an approximate address, cross-streets, of your location?


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