A Place of Violence, Envy, Revenge and Theft is the USA

There were two shootings over on 9th street, in about 10 days.  Who KNOWS who did it, and who knows why?  THEY probably didn’t know why, not really.  Maybe they were just drunk.

In this apartment building, there are 11 people living in a two room apartment.. rather 3 room I guess.  A living room, a toilet, and a bedroom.  Smaller than my place!   There are 11 people, and I am thinking there are even more.  There seems to be over 11 kids.

People are always at one another.  When I went to Mexico, everyone was horrified, scared I would not come back.  That little town in Mexico, Los Algodones,  was far more peaceful than the USA.  Maybe it is because I did not know anyone down there.  Who had it in for who.  Who had ripped off who.  In the border town of Mexico, there were street hustlers, but they have them in the USA too.  The USA has many spare change hustlers, and outright beggars.

My experience with the USA airlines was one of theft.  They have many hidden fees, and little rules to rip you off.  I suspect the Online booking service was where my credit card number was hacked, then used.  This caused me a lot of problems,  especially booking the return flight on US Air.

I want to split all right, OUT OF THE USA.  Find some quiet, peaceful place.  I am kidding myself though.  I want to find a quiet, peaceful, SPECTACULAR place!  They exist on this earth.  I watch and read travel video all the time.

In addition to the crime and poverty, there are the illnesses.  Many people are very ill.  People are always on the brink of one catastrophe or another.  This is the same anywhere on earth, but the American people seem to be the most stupid and senseless.

Drinking and drugs are like pouring gasoline onto a fire, but people still do it.  Yep.  It’s the standard street scene from a rap, or rock video.


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