Review: Sav A Lot Meat Lover Thin Crust Pizza

A review of Ferratto’s Meat Lover Thin Crust pizza (which I just ate).  Yumm.  Went to the Aldi’s and decided to try the Ferratto Thin Crust premium frozen pizza- for $4.99.  ThUMBS UP.

When I want a really good pizza,  I go to Pizza Hut or get a Hunts Brother thin crust pizza.  The Pizza Hut always ends up eating up a $20 bill no matter what the sales say.  The Hunts Bros costs me $12 and it’s not quite big enough.

Pay attention to the packaging.  I tried to get clever and really hotted up the oven, and cooked it at over 500F.   It cooked up too fast and slightly burnt, but I salvaged it.  It cooks at 400F for 15-20min according to instructions.

Meat- a good amount of it. You don’t need extra toppings.

Cheese- good cheese.  The Mozarella was gooey and stretchy.

Tomato Sauce- good and adequate, unlike most frozen pizzas.

The crust was thin and crispy.  I will go over this review again, since I over cooked, but it was good.

This pizza was rectangular, and seemed slightly smaller than Pizza hut.  It is about the size of a Hunt’s Pizza.  One pizza is enough for two Big dudes.  I am a big dude, who loves to eat, and I ate half of it.  *burrppp*

I macked mine up with some sliced tomato, some shredded Parmesan I had leftover, just a little bit.  I also put sliced green olives.  I also sprinkled bacon bits on it.

The pizza has real Canadian bacon on it.   There were 4-5 BIG slices of Canadian bacon.  The rest of it, the pepperoni and sausage are broken up.

This pizza was very good, and I am going to give up making my own from scratch.  This is just too easy, and too cheap, and makes a nice pizza, that you can customize if you want too.

The only bad thing was Yours Truly,  the cook, burning the crust a little.  Next time I will follow the instructions.  THUMBS UP.. VERY GOOD!


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