The Holocene Epoch of the Quatermary period.

We are living in the Holocene epoch of the Quatermary period.  AND..we are facing extinction!  At least many people are.  I wonder what the future discoverers of our fossils will have to say.

We are “hunters” of this paper currency.  Meanwhile, people are trying to survive, trying to stay healthy.  At least, that is what people in this ‘hood think about.  They think about MONEY and little else.

Worldwide communication has made our minds the noisiest place.  What food to eat.  Who should we support politically? What should I DO with my life?  Am I on a g..g..government shit list?

I am making my songs on my computer.  Will anyone like them? What are the neighbors downstairs doing?  Why does he/she live the way they do?


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