Discovering the Farmer’s Market

They discovered new dinosaurs.  They discovered man’s tiny ancestors, smaller than a mouse.  I need to discover- something edible!

Me and Bambi go down to the Farmer’s Market, during the week.  They do not have stalls out, but they have wholesale grocers, about 5 of them out there.

Me and Bambi score some Strawberries $1 a lb.  Small red potatoes, 3lbs for $2, and some broccoli, 3 heads for $2.   The Aldi is just as cheap, but it is FAST to go in there and pick up some vegetables!  IN.. and out.  There is no line, no cash register.

I am going to explore this place even more.

Update: Went back down there  Went to Tikka House, this spice place where they have these BOMB spices,  freshly made.  She also serves these great Pitas,  $2 each YUMMY.   Red Potatoes were $1 for 5lbs at Global Produce.  So much veggies, so cheap I cannot eat them all!  Tonight I make broccoli.  Found a deal on them- 4 heads for $1.


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