Ted gets robbed

They rob Ted,  one of the maintenance workers at this place.  Right at a convenience store!  Took his car, wallet, and cell phone.  I take Bambi down to cash in a big bag of cans she has picked up.   Bambi has to wait and wait on me as I go pick up stuff.

My brother gets here, brings some coffee, he is all indignant regaling me with stories of how his clients’ relatives won’t lift a finger to help them.  Who are his clients?  These poor sods being transported to dialysis.  They have tracheotomies, and every sort of medical torture “procedures” that can be devised.   I chastise my brother.    What it is- the poor clients of his squabble over the $3 they have to spend on the Medical transport.  It is no wonder they are so crabby!  Dialysis.  Living in a wheelchair.  Tracheotomies, etc.  No one gives a shit about them.  It seems like people RUN from the afflicted ones.

Few people realize the power of money, and how just a few dollars loom large in the lives of other people around them.

The news is always about the chosen few, and their adventures and foibles.  Lindsay Lohan.  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Tom Cruise.  Etc, etc.  But FEW people know about the daily humilities that many people face in this world.

There is a undercurrent of sadism in the social life of this world.  I guess that is why I like to watch the horror movies.  People in this world all experience their ups and downs.  BUT.. not like these people do.


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