Like a Horror Movie

That is what life reminds me of.  I love to watch the great Italian writers and directors.  The great ones are Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, and others.  They were geniuses who produced great films considering their small budget.  Even today their movies are thrilling to watch.

The twisted plots are great, there is nothing so good in American films.  Their use of color is to this day ingenious.  I liked ‘Tenebre’,  ‘Deep Red’,  ‘Bird with the Crystal Plumage’, ‘Cat o’ 9 Tails’, ‘Black Belly of the Tarantula’, ‘The House of the Laughing Windows’,  ‘Cannibal Holocaust’,  and ‘Cannibal Ferox’.

I am glad they were so prolific, there are dozens of gems.  Here is a big list of Giallos.

This list is maybe the biggest one I have seen.  I love the titles.. “The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire”, “No One Heard the Scream”, “Death Walks on High heels”,    “Your Vice is Locked and Only I have the Key.”  The funniest title I know is.. “A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin.”   I have been trying to find that one, free, to watch.

The only thing lacking was the music.   The music should be very simplistic.  It should be that way in most movies.  The music in ‘Halloween’ was very chilling.

I also love Korean Cinema.  They are great, but more “action” type movies.  Thai cinema is largely ghosts.  The Thai seem to love “ghosts” and so do the Chinese.  GREAT stuff!  “The Yellow Sea” is one of my favorites, and “Rainy Dog” my very very favorite.  These are action, not horror.  “Memories of Murder” (Korean),  is another fine one.   “I Saw the Devil” was a good one, but not the best one.   Spanish Cinema is great too.  “The Baby’s Room” is a good Spanish horror movie.

It is hard to pick out one movie as “the best”.  I think the Italian giallos are the best bunch.  The culprit is not revealed until the very end, and there is often a double, or a triple twist.  They keep the suspense up all the way.   You can’t quite figure them out all the way.

Tonight I started watching “Autopsy” directed by Armando Crispino made in 1975.


It is nice to sit in my apartment, safe and comfortable, while I observe what is going on outside.   I hear the people fighting in the apartments.   People are using drugs, and there are drunkards.    The vulnerable prey on those more vulnerable than them- they are like wolves.

The poor sod next door, his colostomy bag is coming loose.  He was supposed to go into surgery tomorrow to fix it.  He says the doctors gave him 3 months.  He says he feels he will not survive the surgery.  He has cancer.  He got robbed so he has no food.  I gave him SoME…I hope he has more.  He has the air of death about him.  His eye lolls to one side, where I assume he had a stroke.  His teeth are grey and filmed over.  Craig is his name, and I pray for him at night.  To pray for others, to really pray for them, makes YOU feel good.  I do not understand it, but it feels good.

Prostitutes get inside and bang on my door to be let in.  They just want to use the toilet or get some water, but I do not let them in for fear of being ripped off, or even worse.   Some of these girls have been up for days, strung out on methamphetamine and crack.  These people are dangerous, and start to become delusional.  When you try to calm them, they will not listen.  You cannot befriend everyone.  Nope.  They will bring you harm.

Perhaps I will make a big pot of Chicken Noodle.  This is cheap to make, and is very good.  I like to add potatoes in, because they go well with the chicken gravy.  I will give some away, people like my cooking sometimes.

People are contagious.  I would rather listen to my meditation tapes, the guided meditations,  than converse with most people.  The ones around here make me sad.  The ones on TV make me mad.   People are also contagious physically.  Colds, flu, bedbugs, and everything else go ’round and round.  I am just getting over one now that lasted about 70 hours.


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