Cheapo Cake Frosting from the $1 Aisle

I made a birthday cake for my brother.  I didn’t have much money.. like $23 to go the next 11 days on, but I had some eggs, cake mix, oil and milk.  Comparing to some other residents of this apartment building, I was lucky to have that!

I made the “Ginger Evans” Chocolate cake that I bought a LONG time ago at Sav A Lot.  I went to the Apple Market and bought some Pampa Cream Cheese cake icing.  This is a $1 Aisle brand.

Well, it turned out great!  The cake bugged up because I made it in a brownie pan.  I nuked the icing (bad idea) to make it easier to spread.   Even after this abuse, that cake tasted good, the icing very good with the chocolate Cake.  This is Pampa Brand from Mexico.  Jummy!


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