Auto Theft on This Street Again

Tracy gets her old Jeep ripped off- again.  Fred says, “I’ll bet this time they ain’t gonna find it.”   Result?  Tracy loses her job which was far away, and now is screwed.  Same thing happened to Fred and boy he NEVER recovered.

Robberies in the building next door.  Last month,  and now this month.  This guy who got robbed was walking to 7-11.  Fred- “They watch and see who is driving and who is walking.”  This guy just had a colostomy installed, and I gave him a box of food, and will give him more, and Fred gave him some peanut butter and is going to give him some canned stuff.

I am learning how to bake, thanks to the net, and make decent bread.

Now I am watching my cars on my cams,  afraid of losing my horse, like a cowboy in the desert.  Fred and Bambi never recovered after their old Toyota wagon got ripped off.  A bunch of stuff has happened to them in the three years since then.  Fred’s legs swoll up and he had congestive heart failure.  Bambi went to the hospital a couple of times, and fights and petty thefts happened.


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