Poor Fred

Fred has COPD, BAD.  He can’t hardly walk outside, can hardly go across the street to the store.  The poor and afflicted around here do just about ANYTHING.. sell themselves to science,  prostitute, or whatever to make a buck.

Poor poor Fred.  He and Bambi are trying to sell themselves dearly.  That Family?  Always cursing him for a bum.

Me I am riding a bike around for my heart and weight.  Slowly.. 1/4 a mile..then 1 mile a day.  My shoulder is still healing.  I HOPE!

People ought to walk a mile in another person’s shoes.  Instead, they try to hammer and hammer them into what they think other people ‘ought’ to be.

As you age in life, well you will find it is one LONG lesson in humility.  You are superior to nothin’, and nobody.  Everyone you meet is your teacher.  Pride goeth before the fall, and there is so much pride.  Pride is highly over rated.


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