More Bread

That bread recipe, the super easy, no Knead is a winner in my book.  The bread is really a treat.  I have a big cannister in the refrigerator.  Hmm.. this one “fell”.  It rose up, but then it fell.   However, it bakes out good.. rises and the bread is GOOD.  I calculate about 30-40 cents a loaf, even when using packet yeast.   Six cups of flour, 2 packets of yeast make about 2-3 small loaves of bread.  I make them in those little foil bread tins that you get at Aldi, and I use the same tins over and over again.

This seems a lot of trouble, but to me, this is gourmet bread.  Very rich, heavy, sweet and yeasty.  It’s good!  I put about 1/4 cup of 7-up in the loaf, and I put a heaping tablespoon of brown sugar in there.  I guess that is what makes it sweet, and I like that way.  It is a very “tasty” bread.

Mine still is not perfect, but hey, it’s close enough for me!  This bread goes good with butter, honey, and cinnamon.   It has that yeasty taste that I have been aiming for.

The dough will keep 3 weeks, the author claims.  I just grab a hunk off, and put it in the oven for dinner,  takes 30 minutes to bake.


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