Trying to Make My own Bread- “it ain’t easy!”

I am trying to make my own bread, using this “foolproof” recipe here. 

As usual, I have confounded the experts!  That stuff wouldn’t rise.  It could be the VERY old flour I had in the kitchen cupboard in a plastic container.

As usual, NOTHING is easy.  NOTHING is straightforward.  I look at the photos of the lady.. “it’s as easy as one, two, three.”  YEAH RIGHT!  It did not rise, or there was not the dramatic rise I expected.  The yeast “proofed”.. that is bubbled.

I had a bread machine, it worked, but I did not like it.  I like that “yeasty” malt taste in bread.  At the Independence School district, at Hanthorn Elementary,  the ladies made these wonderful, yeasty rolls.   I want something like that.

Update:  Success!  Got some new flour, some new yeast from the Aldi’s and WA-LA!  Brushed both milk and sugar water on it.  Came out very tasty.   Very easy, and now a large batch of dough is in the refrigerator.  Just yank a hunk off whenever you feel like bread.  It was GOOD.  Yeasty, and sweet too, and heavy.   The crust was crispy.


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