The Meatwagon out there Again

As I play my FLASH game, well, the Ambulance and Fire Trucks out there again.  They are in the building next door.  Hmm.  That guy got robbed last night,  a armed someone he knew I will bet.

Hmm.. the Coppers are over there too.  Wonder what that is all about?  Oh wasn’t me!

Well,  it is a typical day.  You can just see the USA sliding down the tubes.  I do not know WHAT the answer is.  There is the online world, where I spend my time, designing FLASH games and nursing myself, then there are the other, reality games going on around here.  All people do is FIGHT.  They fight, criticize, and argue over just about ANYTHING.

These people do not know how to use computers, and they do not own Androids.  The online world is blooming and busting out, but it is super competitive.  I want to make Browser based games, games for Android, but the competition is fierce.

Found some old Brownie mix, and mixed it up.  Chicken breast on sale so I bought them up.   It is going to be Chicken breast for dinner for a LONG time.

Update: Turned out a lady next door died, that is what the fuss was all about.


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